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    We are shipping once a week for parcels, if you are in a hurry, do let us know !!

        0-10 kilo box within Holland 8,60 euro, insurance for shipping is up to 500 euro, above that extra insurance is needed!

    Box inside the EU * Box rest of the EU Box World
    0 - 2 Kg.

    EUR 14,65

    2 - 5 Kg.

    EUR 21,15

    5 - 10 Kg.

    EUR 26,65

    10 - 20 Kg.

    EUR 35,65

    0 - 2 Kg.

    EUR 20,95

    2 - 5 Kg.

    EUR 27,95

    5 - 10 Kg.

    EUR 33,95

    10 - 20 Kg.

    EUR 43,95

    0 - 2 Kg.

    EUR 25,95

    2 - 5 Kg.

    EUR 35,95

    5 - 10 Kg.

    EUR 59,95

    10 - 20 Kg.

    EUR 106,95

    * Belgium, Danmark, Germany, France, Corsica, Monaco, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, UK, Zweden

    Packing and handling:

  1. For small box shipping allow 1,99
  2. For bigger box shipping allow 3,99
  3. For vintage (MISB) or high value sets we use the "Extreme bubblewrap and foamchippies" treatment, this includes re-inforced box-corners. 4.99
  4. Already shipped to satisfied customers in 60 different countries, Cote D'Ivoire was the latest addition, thank you !

  5. European Economic Area (EEA) buyers must pay with IBAN.
  6. Paypal payments outside Europe are free from charge, inside the EEA we will charge 4% + 0,4
  7. If you buy minifigs, they will be shipped assembled !
  8. For paypal payments, orders will only be shipped via registered/insured mail, and only to the precise address provided by paypal"
  9. Insurance is mandatory on high value orders and on orders that are paid with Paypal.
  10. If by any chance an item is missing in the order and the cost of shipping is higher than the item we will issue a refund or a coupon.
  11. Buyers with negative or less then 50 feedback cannot place large orders without consulting us, due to recent paypal chargebacks.

    Cancelling an order could lead to paying restocking fee of 7% of the total order.

    We always try to keep our database up to date. But it could be possible that the inventory isn't up to date, and that some items are not available.

    You are welcome to buy as many different pieces (lots) as you like, but the average value per lot must be higher than EUR 1,00
    If your order does not meet this lot average, every additional lot is charged EUR 0,50
    The value can be calculated by dividing the order Total by the Number of lots. Both values are shown on your shopping cart.
    Example: Order Total = EUR 44,00 with 40 Lots: nothing charged (average value > EUR 1,00)
    Order Total = EUR 48,00 with 50 Lots: add. charge 2 x 0,50 = EUR 1,00

Although we are getting more and more stock, it is still our hobby, not our business !! We aim to deliver used parts in good condition, but it can happen that there is some discolouration due to age. New parts that come from pick a brick can have some scratches or scuffmarks ! Feel free to look around.... Don't hesitate to drop us a line if you've got any questions !!

Be cool and have fun, Eric